The 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show


NYC PRowler was invited to preview the 2013 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, held at Pier 94.  Home decor and design brands from all over the world showed off their latest luxury goods, from high-tech range hoods to porcelain urinals shaped like giant flowers.  Here are NYC PRowler’s highlights of the show:

Among the many kitchen appliance exhibitors, one stood out to us: Bertazzoni, a 131 year-old Italian brand, produces high-end ovens and ranges with a fashion twist: Their featured ‘Arancio’ model is the official Hermès orange.  Additionally, their ovens are painted in the same facilities that paint Lamborghini‘s and Maserati‘s, so your oven will have the same sheen as an Italian sports car!  Below, I am speaking with one of the Bertazzoni’s- The brand is still family owned to this day.

Professional Series_Arancio Product ShotH48_6G_GGV_VI_0DSC_0102


With color accents throughout the show, it compels us all to think Pantone when adding new appliances.  BlueStar produces ovens and ranges in 190 different colors, including the teal and pink wall oven with swing doors below.  The Big Chill appliance company makes retro style appliances in all colors to match your specific preference- they’ve landed major celebrity kitchen placements, including on Rachel Ray‘s set!

Big ChillBig Chill


SMEG, an Italian company whose blacksmith roots go back to the 17th Century, exhibited 1950′s-style vintage refrigerators in primary colors.


Our next find was Sun Valley Bronze‘s incredible hand-blown glass doorknobs and bronze hardware, all %100 made in USA (Idaho).  Interior design is all about the details, and the this brand allows you to bring quality design into often under-appreciated door features.  It’s easy to get your eyes lost in the swirling cosmos’ of glass doorknobs, which are each one-of-a-kind.

DSC_0105k_514 k_502

JEE-O, a Dutch brand with minimalistic designed products, caught our eye.  Their free-standing showers are both stark and elegant- perfect for a poolside rinse, or cooling off after sunbathing on your terrace.  Designer Lammert J. Moerman (in photo below) was on hand to walk us through the different models.


Going back to Italy, we came upon Scavolini, a 50-year-old Italian interiors company.  Their bathroom designs were striking, especially a free-standing sink, and bathtub- Who says that your bathroom fixtures need to be attached to a wall? For a bathroom like Scavolini’s, I would sacrifice the rest of my house!


Highly stylized range hoods were a big trend this year.  The Sorpresa Collection (by Best Range Hoods) presented some of the most adventurous and high-tech hoods ever made.  Their aesthetic is reminiscent of 1960′s futurism- The Jetsons meets A Clockwork Orange.

DSC_0113DSC_0121Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 9.08.56 AM

Plant walls have been rising in popularity in recent years.  What started out as an experimental design a decade ago is now a feasible and popular interior design feature.  EcoWalls have perfected the concept with their research into hydroponic growing methods, nutrient regimes and plant suitability.

rittenf1 stocktonfDSC_0141

Staying with the plant theme, we found probably the most peculiar booth in the entire show: Clark Made urinals!  This whimsical brand makes hand-crafted urinals and sinks styled as flowers.  Something seems precarious about urinating into a giant Venus Flytrap, even though its ceramic!

DSC_0280 DSC_0278pink n green orchid

It inspires us to redesign a room!

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